2019 Shortlist

Adam Rippon


Best Male Athlete on Social Media

How Does This Individual Represent “Excellence in Engagement”?

If tweeting was an Olympic sport, it’s safe to assume that Adam Rippon would win gold. Rippon left the PyeongChang Winter Olympics as a breakout star thanks to engaging haters with unfiltered clapbacks, relatable responses to celebrities impressed by his every move on the ice, and a quick wit that turned each of his on-camera moments into a GIF-factory.

When his time on the ice was done, NBC even signed the skater as a correspondent for the remainder of the Games because America just could not get enough. Despite becoming an internet icon, Rippon continues to manage his social media presence exclusively to ensure authenticity and has become an active advocate for the LGBTQ community and other political issues in a way that best resonates with his audience.

Adam Rippon's Engaging Content