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Armed with an iPhone and an audience, anybody can be their own media brand in today’s tech-savvy and socially-driven society. The reach of many top athletes and social influencers now bests, or at the very least rivals, that of television. Couple this phenomenon with a dramatic rise in the number of publishers distributing athlete-generated content, and it is no surprise that athletes and influencers alike have earned the titles of creator and innovator. Join us for the Athletes & Creators track at HS18 as we flip the script and allow talent to share their secret sauce with the world.

Creating and Marketing Originals Led by Influencers and Athletes

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Monday 6/25.4:00PM.Times Center.Main Stage

Sports entertainment trailblazers, Whistle Sports, bring top executives and guests to host a conversation around OTT original programming, platform marketing strategies and more—including elements behind two of their newest series, one in partnership with YouTube Premium and the other in partnership with The Olympic Channel. The YouTube Original titled “F2 Finding Football” brings together the best football talent and celebrities around the world, just in time for the World Cup. The second series, “Hitting the Wall,” pairs fitness influencers with Olympians to see if they can handle what it takes to win Gold.

Greg Groggel
Olympic Channel Services

Brandon White
Content Creator
The Buff Dudes

J Lalonde
Whistle Sports

Athletes Business: The Power of the Group

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Tuesday, 6/26.10:00AM.Times Center.Main Stage

Athletes are now more than just stars in the new sports economy; they're the center of a unique universe of marketing and media. In a move to bolster group licensing opportunities and provide the ability for athletes to support athletes in growing their business in the new sports economy, last fall the NFL Players' Inc. launched a first-of-its-kind group representation business that offers licensing and brand management services to athlete-driven sports properties. Join key stakeholders in the innovative endeavor as they explore the value of group player rights, discuss how unions and player associations are fighting to return those rights to the athletes, and showcase the ways brands are utilizing group player rights for licensed product-to-player experiences.

Steve Scebelo

Terri Jackson

Riley Goodman

Mike Adams

Joe Lemire

Inside the NBA 2K League

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Tuesday, 6/26.10:45AM.Times Center.Innovate Stage

The NBA 2K League is a professional esports league co-founded by the NBA and Take-Two Interactive Software, featuring the best 102 NBA 2K players in the world who make up the league’s 17 teams. Come learn about how the NBA 2K League started and how the inaugural season is progressing from the Managing Director of the NBA 2K League, as well as Wizards District Gaming and Twitch, the league’s broadcast partner.

Brendan Donohue
Managing Director
2K League

Grant Paranjape
Monumental Sports

Justin Dellario

Adam Kudeimati
Knicks Gaming

Jeff Eisenband

Glass Case of Emotion: Live Podcast

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Tuesday 6/26.3:15PM.Times Center.Main Stage

Join Glass Case of Emotion hosts Ryan Blaney, Kim Coon, and Chuck Bush for a special podcast live from Hashtag Sports as they dive into all things involved in the general pursuit of happiness. In this special episode, the crew will break down the art of podcasting from an athlete's perspective, including how audio allow fans to “get to know” athletes better, the importance of authenticity, and the trials and tribulations of balancing podcasting with the difficult schedule of an athlete.

Ryan Blaney

Chuck Bush

Kim Coon

Josh Norman

A New Era of Athlete Branding

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Tuesday, 6/26.4:00PM.Times Center.Main Stage

Today’s athletes have a unique opportunity to build their brands beyond the lines of their sport. With social media, athletes from all-pros to high school recruits can access the ultra-passionate fanbases that drive sports and — when armed with the right content — can build audiences that rival that of their school, team, and league.

JuJu Smith-Schuster joins opendorse CEO Blake Lawrence to discuss his brand journey from college to the NFL. We dive into the Smith-Schuster's personal brand strategy, the role of his reps, team and league, and the future of athlete marketing as sports properties from high school to the pros embrace the value of building their athletes’ brands.

Blake Lawrence

JuJu Smith-Schuster

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