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Are You in College?

What's the Deal?

This is a program for like-minded people who want to share Hashtag Sports Daily love. The Hashtag Sports Ambassador program provides our most loyal readers a way to connect with our community like never before, all while helping us grow at the grassroots level. Members of our ambassador program are offered the unique opportunity to give feedback, network with individuals who share the same passion for our mission, and become a part of a global community—plus receive sweet perks. Join us as we forever change the game!

Scouting Report

Marketing is your bread, and sport is your butter. You speak fluent GIF and emoji. When Hashtag Sports Daily hits your inbox, you feel like you’ve won the Lombardi Trophy. Your knowledge of the bleeding edge of sports is mic-dropping, you've got serious swag, and now you have a couple extra hours open on your calendar because you don’t waste time searching for game-changing news everyday. It’s already waiting in your inbox. Now to top it all off, you want more from Hashtag Sports.

Tell Me More

Once I have a referral code from Hashtag Sports, what do I need to do next to get swagged out?

The Perks

The Process

Hustle your way to ambassador status. Text your friends. Email your co-workers. Tweet your followers. Post your referral code on LinkedIn and watch the subscribes roll-in. Once you hit ten referrals, you’re officially a Hashtag Sports Ambassador!

Email daily@hashtagsports.com to get a referral code. Have a friend who would love to be an ambassador? Click here to send them an email to this Ambassador Guide.