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Connect with a community of like-minded people passionate about changing the status quo in sports

What's the Deal?

We've been pen pals with your inbox for a while now. It's been real. It's been fun. But now it's about to get real fun.

The Hashtag Sports Ambassador program rewards our most loyal readers and followers and connects our community like never before, all while helping us grow at the grassroots level.

What are the steps?

Easy enough. We're already your favorite sports industry newsletter.

Share with everyone, and even tell your Grandma. It might help explain what you do for a living.

Work your way up the referral ranks and get rewarded with more than just a gold star.

Scouting Report

Marketing is your bread, and sport is your butter. You speak fluent GIF and emoji. When Hashtag Sports Daily hits your inbox, you feel like you’ve won the Lombardi Trophy. Your knowledge of the bleeding edge of sports is mic-dropping, and now you have a couple extra hours open on your calendar because you don’t waste time searching for game-changing news each day. It’s already waiting in your inbox. To top it all off, you want more from Hashtag Sports.

Road Map to Success

Official Ambassador Status

Official Ambassador Status

4 Referrals

You’ve officially made your mark as an ambassador. Our budget for imaginary confetti doesn’t kick in until 5 referrals, but you’ve earned an emoji round of applause. Welcome to Team Hashtag!

Laptop Stickers

8 Referrals

Expect some snail mail with your first batch of Hashtag Sports swag. We won’t ask you to permanently tattoo a hashtag on your body (bonus points if you do), but we will be encouraging your hipster habit of laptop decorating with trendy logos.

Hashtag Sports Laptop Stickers
Hashtag Sports T-Shirt

T-Shirt Time

15 Referrals

You know that feeling when the mascot busts out the t-shirt cannon? Yeah, that...times a thousand. Wear your new shirt to the office and wait for co-workers to slide into your Slack DMs asking what “Hashtag Sports” means and where you got it. So trendy.

Party Pack

30 Referrals

You’ll be the life of the office party with this Hashtag Sports swag pack. You name it, we’ve got it in Hashtag form: bottle openers, koozies, tote bags, mobile chargers, and more.

Hashtag Sports Party Pack
Hashtag Sports Networking Access

Team Hashtag Insider Access

50 Referrals

First rule of Hashtag Sports Insider Access is that we can’t divulge details about Hashtag Sports Insider Access. But trust us, we have friends in high places (hint: rooftop parties) and a clandestine community of ballers of all types (yes, athletes too). You’ll be collecting business cards and thanking us later.

Free Event Tickets - For Life

100 Referrals

This is your Wilt moment. You’ve scored 100, and you’re now widely regarded as a GOAT ambassador. And we’re giving you the ultimate reward to show for it: free entry into Hashtag Sports--for life. P.S. - You just saved yourself (or your boss) a G annually.

Hashtag Sports Free Tickets for Life


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